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Hello! My name is Anna Kristin McCarthy and I am a performance artist from Tallinn. My main passion is contemporary circus as it is the perfect artform for me to express what I need to say and to make sense of the world. I love the physical challenge that it provides and the stories you can tell with it. 
Besides circus I also have interest and experience in theatre, dance and music. 

In my work I explore the feeling of being human. Being alive is a very fascinating topic for me. I question the rules and habits we live by and try to find reason in our excistence. Psychology, mindfulness, self acceptance, relationships and contradictions are some topics that are the centre of my work. 


Beside creative work I am also a mother to two wonderful boys. Me and my husband are both in the performing arts industry and we are very happy to raise our kids in a creative environment. 

I am a freelance artist and always looking for interesting collaborations. Click on contact me to send me your idea or proposal. By clicking on "All Strings Attached", you can find information about my currently touring solo street performance. You can find my CV from the top of this page and to have a quick visual overlook of my most important works, click on Portfolio.


I am super excited that you have found your way to this page and hope that our roads cross soon! Have a wonderful day!

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