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When Anna Kristin performs on street she becomes Anna Krazy. The witty performer bends bones for fun, sings upside-down-opera and jumps into splits as if concrete was a mattress. 


Anna was born and raised in Estonia - the beautiful country with a great culture for arts. She was thrown on the stage from a very early age. Being born into a creative family, it was only natural that she would choose performing as her path. 

With the background in circus, theatre, dance, music and other artforms, she can surely thrill the audience. 


Anna Krazy has travelled, studied and performed all around Europe, Australia and in America. 

She moved to streetperformance in 2016, as she saw it as a new exciting challenge. The way one can engage to the audience and get out of one’s comfortzone is something that is only possible in streetperforming. 

She found it appealing and now she has been developing her streetperformer’s career and is getting better and better every year. 



"WOW!" is a one woman variety show. Anna Krazy starts the show with warming the bones, getting ready for the tricks that are about to be performed. 

As the audience has atleast as hard job as she does, she makes sure they're hands are prepared for clapping and vocal cords ready to show their excitement. 

She teases the audience with a few juggling tricks and gives a taste of what's about to happen.

She has a very unique start to the show - with a help of a few bits and pieces, she becomes a new character - a miniature version of herself. She sings a song and impresses the audience with her endurance (she sings a whole demanding song while standing on her hands), vocal skills and gives them a great laugh.


she will look something like this...

The crowd is there, they're ready for some action - the main part of the show - The Krazy Contortion act can start! To a cover of Radiohead's "Creep", Anna Krazy will perform unique and impressive tricks. Elegant flexes, gross contortion and graceful dancemoves leave the audience speechless.

Handstands, splits and up to 50 walkovers in a row. That has to be seen for sure! 

For the final part of the show, she trusts two audience members with her life by standing on top of them in split, while juggling and balancing an object on her head. It’s not a coincidence that she’s called Anna KRAZY….

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Want to see something fearless, entertaining and beautiful? Book Anna Krazy now! Either send an email to or use the CONTACT FORM on this website! 


2016 - TaDaa! Festival, Tallinn

2016 - Pärnu Tänavatoidufestival, Pärnu

2016 - Uue Maailma Streetfestival, Tallinn

2017 - TaDaa! Festival, Tallinn

2017 - Asfalt Festival, Tartu 

2017 - Uue Maailma Streetfestival, Tallinn

2018 - Kalamaja Days, Tallinn

2018 - TaDaa! Festival, Tallinn & Tartu

2018 - Tallinn Sea Days, Tallinn

2018 - Linz Pflasterspektakel (OFFprogram), Linz

2018 - Edinburgh Fringe Street Events, Edinburgh

2018 - Uue Maailma Streetfestival, Tallinn


Dan Renwick,

organizer of TaDaa! Festival

CLICK HERE for the full creative CV! 





       Looking forward to hear from you!


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