Estonian Cultural Endowment gala, 2019 

 dancer: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

 choreographer: Hanna Junti 

 director: Mirko Rajas 

 Estonian Ministry of Education gala, 2019 

 director: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

 performers: Ats Kukk (on the picture), Lizeth   Wolk, Kolm Põrsakest Sciencetheatre 

 "The Boy and The Butterfly" , 2019 

 director and creator: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

 performers: performing group of Circus Studio Folie 

 "Patterns of Thule" concert spectacle , 2019 

 choreographer and dancer: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

 director: Andri Luup 

 producer: Leigo Lakemusic Festival 

 "All Strings Attached" streetshow , 2019 

 director and performer: Anna Kristin McCarthy a ka Anna Krazy 

 "Absurd" Work in progress , 2018 

  director and performer: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

  presented at EPICIRQ Showcase 2018

 "Desperate Housewife" streetshow , 2018 

 director and performer: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

  "Nocturn" , 2016 

 director and performer: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

 created for the memory of P.Tchaikovsky 

  "Excited About Life" experiment-performance , 2015  

 creators and performers: Anna Kristin McCarthy (movement)  

 and Camille Lieser (music)  

 The day we decided to improvise until we had audience. 

 2h and 45min it lasted and the feeling was extatic.. 

 "A Market of Feelings" , 2014 

 a character: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

 director: Mirko Rajas 

 THEATRUM and Tallinn Educational College Theatreschool 

 "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme"  , 2012 

 dancer and other roles: Anna Kristin McCarthy  

 director: Maria Peterson 

 writer: Moliere 


 "Pipi Longstockings" the Musical , 2009  

 part of the circus: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

 director: Marko Matvere 

 Tallinn Musical Theatre 

 "A Handful of Beings" , 2011 

 a being: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

 creators and performers: Circus Studio   Folie performing group 

 "The Suitcase" 2007  

 the Bunny: Anna Kristin McCarthy  

 director: Terje Bernadt and Kaspar Jancis 

 performers: Circus Studio Folie performing group  

 "Pearl Fairy" 2005  

 goldfish and other characters: Anna Kristin McCarthy 

 director: Terje Bernadt

 Circus Studio Folie 

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